Successful People Have More Faalures

“…on average,successful people have had many more failures than unsuccessful people. This seems counterintuitive. How could successful people have failed more often than everyone else? Failure is unavoidable and sometimes happens randomly. It’s what you do after the failure that is important. Successful people have a stick-to-iveness. They don’t quit. From the president of FedEx to the novelist Jerzy Kosinsky, from Van Gogh to Bill Clinton to Fleetwood Mac, successful people have had many, many failures, but they learn from them and keep going.”
–Daniel Levitin, This is your Brain on Music, p.207

P.S. When I wrote this, I whipped through it. And the spell checker does not check titles. I didn’t notice the “Faalures” typo until the next day. But by then it seemed somehow fitting, in a mildly ironic way, so I didn’t change it.

P.P.S As of April 21, 2010 I rank #1 on Google for “Faalures”. The rest is history.

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