Regular expression cheat sheet

Here is a regular expression cheat sheet based on the python module re.
Regular expressions
This is a one-pager highlighting the most commonly used regular expressions–enough to get most easy tasks done.
The download is formatted and much more visually appealing than the unformatted content below.
Regular expression pdf cheat sheet

. any character except a newline

^ or \A the start of the string

$ or \Z the end of the string

* 0 or more repetitions of the preceding RE, as many repetitions as are possible. ab* will match ‘a’, ‘ab’, or ‘a’ followed by any number of ‘b’s.

+ 1 or more repetitions of the preceding RE. ab+ will match ‘a’ followed by any non-zero number of ‘b’s; it will not match just ‘a’.

? 0 or 1 repetitions of the preceding RE. ab? will match either ‘a’ or ‘ab’.

*?, +?, ?? The ‘*’, ‘+’, and ‘?’ qualifiers are all greedy; they match as much text as possible. If < .*> is matched against ‘<h1>title</h1>’, it will match the entire string, Adding ‘?’ is non-greedy. < .*?> matches only ‘<h1>’.

{m} exactly m copies of the previous RE

{m,n} from m to n repetitions of the preceding RE. If omitted, m: 0, n: infinity. greedy

{m,n}? from m to n repetitions of the preceding RE, as few repetitions as possible. non-greedy. ‘aaaaaa’, a{3,5} matches 5 ‘a’ characters, while a{3,5}? matches 3 characters.

\ Escapes special characters (characters like ‘*’, ‘?’, and so forth)

[ ] 1) Characters listed individually, e.g. [amk] matches ‘a’, ‘m’, or ‘k’.
2) Ranges of characters, [a-z] matches any lowercase letter, [0-5][0-9] will match all the two-digits numbers from 00 to 59, [A-Za-z] matches any alpha character

[^ ] Not what’s inside

A|B A or B, use multiple times, first match and out

(…) Match and save the regular expression is inside the parentheses as a group. Group contents can be obtained using group() method of MatchObject object.

(?P<name>pattern…) Symbolic group where name is the name of the group and pattern is some pattern to match.The pattern (?P<quote>[‘”]).*?(?P=quote) matches a string quoted with either single or double quotes. Named groups can be referenced by number: (?P=quote)could have been \1

\w [a-zA-Z0-9_]
\W [^a-zA-Z0-9_]
\b First or last character
\B mid character
\d [0-9]
\D [^0-9]
\s Any whitespace [ \t\n\r\f\v]
\S [^ \t\n\r\f\v]

Regular expression pdf cheat sheet

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