First Post. Okay, I’m in

Alright, enough with the platitudes about the paradigm shift, the hyperbole and the absurdity. I get it. Yeah, alright. I now grudgingly agree that the WordPress blog is the most massive seismic event to rock the world of the written word since Guttenberg and the printing press with movable type.

Why, you might ask? Or, Kurt, what sort of Koolaid have you been drinking, you might ask? Well I’ll tell you why. Because all the information you have can be tagged, categorized, searched, and communicated.

And all these actions have been automated to an incredible degree, which enables you to both organize and share vast quantities of information that are both A) orders of magnitude larger than you could before and  B) you can do it much, much faster than using any other means. The grunt work of filing, organizing, storing, searching, and retrieving is automated by the little elves that live in the world known as PHP.

Ahhh, what a heady, yeasty idea. The mind foams with possibilities. Or, more practically speaking, you can organize, write, and format your information for purposes that would be too much work otherwise, such as notes to yourself in the future. Any information you like, you can file it away as a resource and find it again in a blink with a click, bingo. I’m all over this. I gotta run.

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