Email habits to an empty inbox

I saw these two articles and wanted to keep them. I’m not saying I use them. I’d like to,… but I have to go dig out of a mountain of email.

Don’t drown in email

This one’s by Andreas Klinger and I am really impressed with the work here.

There are all sorts of tips […]

Walkthrough of Masterpiece Network

Here is a 7 minute run through of a project I designed and built in Python with the Django framework.

There are two versions of the same video, one in the video player below and a link that should play in the full browser.

Full browser version

Here’s a link to […]

Regular expression cheat sheet

Here is a regular expression cheat sheet based on the python module re. Regular expressions This is a one-pager highlighting the most commonly used regular expressions–enough to get most easy tasks done. The download is formatted and much more visually appealing than the unformatted content below. Regular expression pdf cheat sheet . any character except […]

US Population by time zone

Time zone and Percent Eastern: 47.0% Central: 32.9% Mountain: 5.4% Pacific: 14.1% Alaska and Hawaii: 0.6%

Isn’t this the most fascinating piece of worthless information you ever saw?

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Comprehensive Apology

1. Remorse: “I am sorry I hurt you.” 2. Acceptance of responsibility 3. Admission of wrongdoing 4. Acknowledgement of harm 5. Promise to behave better 6. Request for forgiveness 7. Offer of repair 8. Explanation

from WSJ article, I think.

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