Mandelbrot set in R

Click to animate the gif above The Mandelbrot set is always fun

Here are the first 20 iterations of equation z = z² + c plotted for different complex constants c.

Depending on your monitor resolution you may see some interesting Moire patterns in the design.

I found some R code for generating the […]

Regular expression cheat sheet

Here is a regular expression cheat sheet based on the python module re. Regular expressions This is a one-pager highlighting the most commonly used regular expressions–enough to get most easy tasks done. The download is formatted and much more visually appealing than the unformatted content below. Regular expression pdf cheat sheet . any character except […]

Git cheat sheet pdf

Here is another set of notes, this time a git cheat sheet pdf. Git cheat sheet This is not a tutorial for the absolute beginner, nor is it an exhaustive collection of every git command known to man. This is a collection of mostly common, and some not so common but important, commands for running […]

Twitter and Gephi

Here’s a simple example of a Gephi graph of Twitter data. At the time of the survey, the movie Pootie Tang was trending on Twitter. Here’s a simple graph of retweet activity. This is a directed graph going from the ball-end of the edge to the other end of the edge. This is a simple […]

Lean Startup pdf Notes

Here is a 4 page summary of The Lean Startup pdf. The book is by Eric Ries. Kurt Ostergaard wrote the notes.

The notes take a to do list approach to maximize the action oriented quality. Individual points have page numbers for quick reference to to the text. Although I am proud of this summary, […]