Twitter and Gephi

Here’s a simple example of a Gephi graph of Twitter data. At the time of the survey, the movie Pootie Tang was trending on Twitter. Here’s a simple graph of retweet activity. This is a directed graph going from the ball-end of the edge to the other end of the edge. This is a simple […]

Deming’s 14 Points

Here are W. Edwards Deming’s famous 14 points. There are various flavors floating around the web. This version is from the masterpiece Out Of The Crisis.

Demings 14 Points pdf

This version is formatted to promote reading on a phone and memorization, if you really want to go there.

Create constancy of purpose toward improvement […]

Lean Startup pdf Notes

Here is a 4 page summary of The Lean Startup pdf. The book is by Eric Ries. Kurt Ostergaard wrote the notes.

The notes take a to do list approach to maximize the action oriented quality. Individual points have page numbers for quick reference to to the text. Although I am proud of this summary, […]